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Cartas a Lucilo (Spanish Edition) [Licio Anneo Seneca] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cartas A Lucilio by Seneca, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 30 of 62 Invitación a la felicidad: Lucio Ánneo Séneca (Cartas 1 a 41) (Cartas morales a Lucilio de Lucio?nneo S?neca) (Volume 1) (Spanish.

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Death is not an evil; why need you ask?

For example, he says, stay on one subject; if you fly from topic to topic, it’s harder for your mind to work a Okay, I’m not good at reading something like this cover to cover — it’s thought-provoking but it takes me a while to just think over each letter. As an introduction to Stoic philosophy, which was an important school of thought in the Greco-Roman world and beyond, you could do a lot worse. Senecaa preached his Stoic ways, but was no stranger to lending money unfairly for economic gain allegedlyhoarding a fortune comparable to the emperor’s allegedlyand possibly but very unlikely having known some members of the imperial family carnally double allegedly, but probably the most unfounded accusation.

And in fact, if we can trust the way in which Seneca faced his forced suicide there was not much difference between practice and philosophy. Redeemer of humanity, slaughterer of comfortable existences; it can either save or destroy a man, but it can hardly leave him untouched.

The only thing that marks Seneca as ancient is his comparative lack of introspection. I also think that they epitomise the Stoic doctrine.

Seneca Carta a Luci­lio CVII

Meditations is a self-examination and self-exhortation, while Seneca’s letters are Advices to a Friend. If you set a high value on her, everything else must be valued a little. But, there is a lot to learn from these gems of letters. For fate the willing leads, the unwilling drags along” But readers interested in learning about Stoicism in general will be well served by this book. He should be delivering himself of such sayings, not memorizing them.


For they tremble after the deed, and they are embarrassed; their consciences do not allow them to busy themselves with other matters, and continually compel them to give an answer.

Cartas A Lucilio

On quoting what you read: He did not present himself as a great philosopher to Lucilius, to whom Letters from a Stoic is addressed. It is time to reclaim our true heritage. Why does no one admit his catras Of the three, only Pliny the Younger died naturally. Our clothes should not be gaudy, yet they should now be dowdy either.

Cartas a Lucilio – Séneca : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Each man has a character of his own choosing; it is chance or fate that decides his choice of job. For what difference does it make whether you deny the gods or bring them into disrepute? Also, Seneca is rarely if ever praised as a eeneca philosophical thinker. Especially the most quoted stuff about sucking the marrow from life, about working on yourself, eschewing the pleasures of the world, living a life of principle, avoiding travel for the sake of variety alone.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Even though many of these problems do have practical ramifications, many do not; and regardless, the debates can often get so technical, so heated, and so abstract, that it is difficult to see modern philosophy as the path to wisdom it once professed to be. Although this book apparently consists of the private correspondence between Seneca and his friend Lucilius, it is obvious from the first page that these were expressly written for publication and posterity.

Gregory Hays once said about Marcus Aurelius that “not being a tyrant was something he had to work at one day at a time” and often, Seneca lost that battle. Living in accordance with reason, nature and virtue, he says, is the way to live in harmony. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor, the ruler of the known worldand yet he embraced the Stoic ideals like no other, feeling repulsion for his own political power and trying to rule Rome in accordance with the Stoic ‘virtue over happiness’ headline.


Glory is an empty and fleeting thing, lighter than air. It is in these sections, of plain, friendly advice, that I think Seneca is at his best. He is by turns intimate, friendly, self-deprecating, nagging, mundane, and profound. There are several quotes that will apply to your life today. I will probably read it many times over to let all the wisdom sink in, but this same information could be easily condensed into another book with fewer words, and better editing to appeal to modern day readers.

Readers expecting Plato or Aristotle will probably be disappointed.

While Montaigne and Emerson are mercurial, wracked by self-doubt, driven by contrary tides of emotion, Seneca is calm, self-composed, confident. Seneca is one of the reasons why. With the lack of important letters and headers for each letter the reader does not get the full effect of Seneca.

Whatever is true is my property.

Cartas A Lucilio : Seneca :

That said, it was very hard to read. His railing against over-grooming in men and against the wearing of age-inappropriate clothing hello ! Again, the way Seneca died or to be precise, the way he invited his death was something, I think, questionable or disputable.